For Newbies and Aspiring Cosplayers

(it’s been a tough night for me, so if I have any errors in this post, please forgive me and ignore)

I  know that it’s been tough for some newbies and aspiring cosplayers when first attending or deciding on what to do for their first cosplay. I’ve experienced this of course back then since I had no idea what to expect at the conventions, thinking would I be out of place? Would I meet friends with same fandom? And etc., to be very honest I was so nervous doing my first legit cosplay at the convention, since I had no wig, contacts and also I don’t know anything regarding with make-up.

Though back then the conventions were really warm, so nobody didn’t really care how you look, though accuracy was a plus back then since everyone cares about enjoying and meeting people with the same fandom.

Let’s get back on topic, so those reading I think I should tell you what to expect with conventions these days~ (this is just based on my observations) but the conventions are not like the olden day conventions where everyone is friendly and wouldn’t matter if your costume isn’t accurate but care with making friends with everyone of the same fandom…you will be lucky to actually meet a few people at conventions these days with the same mindset. To be very honest, I do not know why a lot (but not all) of cosplayers bash newbies and aspiring cosplayers when they too have started at ground zero like the rest of us. So yeah also expect that you will be bash.

Buuuuut! Do not feel depressed if you get bashed, ignore them or use them as a tool to improve. Don’t feel discourage by quitting the hobby if you love it.

(So to those cosplayers bashing those newbies, I have to say shame on you. If I were you I would have just given them constructive critism (not in a harsh way, but in a senpai way to teach their kouhai to be better on the next convention) instead of telling them they are ugly, not so dedicated, attention whore and etc., because like I said earlier we started like them, so why degrade them or share the proper way to cosplay?)

So I decided to list down the usually questions that is always brought up by those starting their cosplay journey. (I will make a lot of reference with my past blog posts.)

1. How do I join Cosplay?
Okay, this is the most questions I got~ basically you just attend a convention in a character costume, act like the character you are portaying for the whole convention period and that’s it. There’s no forms or anything complicated in joining cosplay. The only time you’re required to sign up on anything, if you will be going on the catwalk or entering a competition/game event at the convention.

2. What Character Should I cosplay? Should it be someone who will capture everyone’s attention? Should it be unique? Or should I stick to something simple first?
This has been a question also that has been asked a lot. I will say this once again, you should cosplay a character you loved the most from an anime/game/western/*insert whatever fandom here* series. Please note you do not cosplay to be in the limelight, you’re only cosplaying for yourself and not to anyone else! You should never…ever….cosplay a character you do not know (well you can…BUT!!! YOU MUST RESEARCH THAT CHARACTER VERY WELL! What is very terrible is making another con-goer or cosplayer unhappy seeing you out of character so RESEARCH is the key!)

3. I don’t want to be bashed by anyone, how can I cosplay *insert character name* properly/accurately?
Well if you want to cosplay a character properly, (since I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to roleplaying my characters) here are my tips to having a proper cosplay. Find the right wig, if you can’t find a wig similar then style it (there are tons of styling videos at Youtube, though if the wig needs to be ironed check first if your wig is heat resistant), try to practice your make-up, costume and props must have all the proper details, and the most important KNOW YOUR CHARACTER! You will be cosplaying that character for that day, so you must know the key poses and attitude your character has especially when you’re on the catwalk or posing for the camera. (though you may derp around with friends afterward, remember just have fun!)

4. Are random lolitas, Visual Kei, fashion dresses and random seifukus consider cosplay too? Since I’ve seen a lot of people doing that at cons.
Nope…they are not considered cosplay especially those fashion dresses. The first two and last one in the question are Japanese fashion, so you will see them a lot at cons, but they are not considered cosplay unless they are cosplay a certain character wearing a particular design that was mentioned. For fashion dresses, to be very honest I’ve been noticing there’s been tons of girls attending convention in model-like dresses to have a fashion shoot with photographers (this is completely a no-no to me, you should keep in mind you attend the convention to mingle with others with the same fandom and to have fun, it’s not always about the pictures and modeling…)

So yeah I’ll stop writing for now since I can’t remember the other questions mostly asked. But hey if you have any question please do feel free to drop me a message, though I would appreciate it if you will go straight to the point or questions since I’m not the type who entertains just a ‘hello’ now a days due to a certain trauma. I will be only be entertaining those cosplay queries, since I always wanted to help the newbies and aspiring cosplayers out…it’s just been a bit disappointing after hearing a lot of newbies complain about how many “Veteran/Elite” (not all) cosplayers aren’t really helping them out and just making them feel that they don’t belong in the cosplay community.

Let me say, Cosplay is for everyone but you must be very passionate for this hobby, this isn’t about fame/being the best, modeling, or just joining the bandwagon. It’s about making friends, improving your craft, finding new fandom, having confidence, and more ! 

So to those newbies and aspiring cosplayers, don’t lose hope! Try to improve every step of the way, try to take in critism. If you become very awesome always look back where you started do not lose your humbleness! Keep your feet on the ground, I have seen a lot lost it after being admired a lot. So yup, GOODLUCK ;)