Xmas Toycon’11 day 3 - Experience

I attended the annual Xmas Toycon this year, and I have to say I regret not bringing a lot of money for that day.

The Xmas Toycon is a convention that sells a lot of toys, figurine, and etc., and you can bargain the selling price for a cheaper price (but it will depend on how you can convince the stall-keeper to sell their merchandise on a lower price) and they also hold a cosplay event for the three-day convention.

I came to the convention wearing a Loli.Goth because I wasn’t able to finish my armor that I was going to wear on the event. But it was fine, I was able to observe the attitude of other cosplayers and “who’s who” (“cosplayers” who wants fame only *face palm*) and I was able to go around the event freely without being stopped by photographers. I was suppose to have a meetup for that day, I was going to buy a K-On uniform from Chappi Phantomhive but we didn’t get to meet for that day since she came to the convention late and I needed to go home. But I wish I spend my money on other figures instead of hold on to the money for the costume.

I was able to meet my other cosplay and arcade friends at the convention but they stayed at the Timezone arcade and at the Foodcourt. Too bad I wasn’t able to spend time for our group’s dinner party and I wasn’t able to collect the money for the T-shirt.

The Toycon really seem to kept it’s true meaning in selling other toys and merchandises unlike the last two years. The last two years seemed like it was based on Cosplay only and not really the toys itself.

So if you’re going to next year’s Toycon, make sure you bring a lot of cash because there are many things to buy and also make sure that the amount of cash you bring would be about 2k+ php ($40 and above) if you’re chasing after collectibles such as figurines or you’ll buy a lot of gifts for other children.