Cosplay 101: Cosplay A Character You Love

I heard many cosplayers asked "Which Character Suits me?", "Can you suggest a character that will match with this wig?""What character shows their curves (or whatever they want to show)?", and "Which character matches my appearance?". Also newbies of the cosplay community usually come up to me asking for tips for cosplay.

All I can say is…Cosplay a character you really love. There is a connection between you and the character itself, which you will roleplay them correctly and by just cosplaying your favorite feels like it fulfilled your dreams being in your favorite character’s shoes for the day. And you may not know, others would love it since you are in character.

If you get bashed by your appearance don’t feel bad at all, you should be proud that you cosplayed your favorite and one thing that everyone must remember, you only cosplay for yourself and not for others; so if people do bash you just keep your head up, and cosplay with confidence and show that you don’t give a damn about them, and do try to improve with each cosplays. 

I was pretty guilty with the wig question, but now I think I’ve became matured enough to know that even with the suggestions of others I wouldn’t be happy at all by cosplaying the characters, since I have no connection at all with the character itself or hardly know them; so I decided to go with the characters I wanted.

If a character suggestion does really catches your attention and you want to cosplay it but you don’t really know the character, you MUST RESEARCH on the character…you cannot just jump in and cosplay the character right away and do random poses, or else you’ll never give the right justice to the character itself.

Cosplay is not about the appearance, to get famous or seek attention, it’s not about having many character costumes, it’s not about trying to be unique; but it is about making the characters you love come to life and for your love for the hobby itself. 

So here I end this post once again, again this is just my opinion and some experience. Thank you for reading once again :)